How To: Properly take-off for a tantrum

Properly take-off for a tantrum

Learn Wake demonstrates how to properly take-off for a tantrum wake board move. The tantrum is one of the easiest inverts to land but it has a more complicated edge than a wake jump or a back roll. It requires an edge change at the wake. Approach the wake on your heels so that the board is flattened before the wake and then switch to your toe side edge to pop the trick. First, practice the edge change and pop with no wake. Cut away from the wake, edge out towards the flats, flatten the board and cut back towards the wake to get the tripping motion. Then, flatten the board and let go with your back hand and coast. Next, turn quickly back towards the wake on your toes and pop up by standing stiff to practice the tripping motion. Then, do a back side reentry pop off the wake to get familiar with the pop of the tantrum. Practice the approach to get used to flattening the board at the right time. Then, do a one wake jump with a tripping motion. Remember, a tantrum is a one handed trick which is vital to completing the maneuver.

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